DDbill operates two e-commerce stores where its'
cross-selling between China and the US. We offer a one-stop platform to simplify the cross-border selling process, lower operating costs, and maximize your profit.

Our services
E-commerce Platform
E-commerce Platform
DDbill offers one-stop services for Chinese merchants who want to sell in the US marketplaces. We provide a series of services, such as product listing, warehousing and logistics, order fulfillment, and a local customer support center.
For merchants who operate an online store, we provide warehousing and logistcs, order fulfillment, and local customer support center.
Add-on Service
Add-on Service
Add on service: Register US corporation, tax filing, secretarial service, sales/ products analysis, product promotion, attend industry trade show, and etc.
The Main Advantages

Price Advantage

Quality products with

affordable prices.

Fast Delivery

Fast shipment from our

ready stock in the U.S.


We always feature a

discount in the homepage.

Quality Guarantee

The brands are all authentic brands

sold in the U.S. market

24/7 Customer Support

24/7 hotline and live chat customer

services available.

Protect Personal Privacy

Security technologies to protect your

personal privacy.

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